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Sun Sheet Of Polycarbonate Advantages And Disadvantages Identified 7 Ways To Master

Because polycarbonate light plate light transmission rate of up to 89%, deceased mother with glass beauty, therefore, in recent years some domestic manufacturers to adapt relocation needs of customers, production expected to have recovered a large number of poor-quality polycarbonate Sun flooded the market, allowing customers to polycarbonate Sun sheet is true or not cannot be identified.

1, the price. Sunshine Board of the same specifications, different brands and prices for light gap is too big, that low price Sun certainly has a problem.

2, transparency, best light transmittance at 94% or so, less transparent recycling you can add more poor-quality polycarbonate panel color black.

3, see PE protective film on the surface of the Sun if you good without dropping, that backward equipment, technology or manufacturers to produce more rigorous.

4, look at the upper and lower wall thickness, thicker material more adequate, higher proportion, high cost, Board quality is better, this method is also known as sunshine per unit area method of weight the same.

5, pull the protective film sheet. Free from impurity particles, the plate is brand new material, instead of impurity is added recycled material, recycled material adds more more worse the quality of Board of impurities.

6, bent plate like the sun block, plate worse quality of brittle fracture, PC is a good toughness of polycarbonate sheet, if the plate is very prone to breakage, description is not a pure PC material, which adds a Sun sheet of recycled material. 7, see sheet flatness, flat plate on the one hand shows up and down a thick-walled materials foot, not easily deformed, on the equipment technology is relatively good if plate waves appear, it means the Sun technology is not yet mature or wall is thin.

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