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Study Of Polycarbonate's "past, Present And Future"

As early as 1859, Russia first synthesized by the chemist Butlerov polycarbonate material, this early 19th century material synthesized by Einhorn again, but were not taken seriously. Until Butlerov polycarbonate found after 100 years, the finding will be subject to the United States GE company and Germany Bayer's special attention. In 1956, also announced that the two companies set up factories in the production of polycarbonate. In 1959, the Bayer company to produce a commercial product named Makrolon; GE has launched the second year of Lexan polycarbonate. In addition, Dow in 1984 to produce his own polycarbonate product called Calibre. However, these products are not widely put into production.

Polycarbonate flat in recent years in plastic raw materials in the world market, and its strong market demand has been steady growth, becoming one of the few market highlights. And is widely used in mobile phones and auto manufacturing.

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