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Polycarbonate PC Polycarbonate Panel Into A New Type Of Energy-saving Decorative Materials

PC sunshine is an internationally popular plastic building materials, other building materials (such as glass, plexiglass, etc) incomparable advantages, had a "broken glass," said. Is a new type of high strength, light, noise, energy saving high quality decorative materials.

PC polycarbonate Panel is one of the linear expansion coefficient of synthetic resin. Sheet metal linear expansion coefficient is slightly different in different directions, on average 0.065mm/m. c. PC Sun sheet thermal conductivity and synthetic resins are very large, glass 1/4, iron 1/300, Al-1/1000, CU-1/12000, is a material with good thermal insulation. Multi-PC polycarbonate Panel insulation is preferred.

PC Board thermal insulation up to the Sun 49%. PC Board has a low thermal conductivity of glass and other plastics (k values), insulation higher than equivalent glass 7%-25%,PC polycarbonate Panel insulation up to 49%. So that the heat lost is greatly reduced, for construction of the warming devices, belong to environmentally friendly materials.

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