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New Polycarbonate Material Prospects Leading Building Materials Industry Innovation And Development

Last week, world chemical giant Germany Bayer Group in China announced, its main business of Bayer material technology poly carbonate ester global headquarters, will Yu this year July from Germany local moved to Shanghai, intends sharply extended its in Shanghai of poly carbonate ester products die clone of production scale, and in China Chongqing established its in China of third home color effect and Design Center, to China for gravity further expanded poly carbonate ester new material in global range of application efforts.

Bayer polycarbonate business Dr He Haide, head to the media, said the Asia Pacific region, the strategy aims to ensure that the polycarbonate's strategic status in China and the Asia-Pacific region. He Haide said: "for the Bayer material science and technology, China is a strategically important market. Polycarbonate is a very wide range of materials, to the achievement of sustainable development is of great significance. In addition, we have also seen this material in support of China to improve energy efficiency, lightweight transport and huge potentials in sustainable building.

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