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Construction Of New Type Of Polycarbonate Sheet Fashion The Perfect Building

People on the construction of public space and puts increasingly stringent requirements, building not only stylish, attractive, and its interior must be warm and pleasant, good light transmission. In view of the requirements of significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions, demand for buildings with more energy efficient is also rising.

At present, the so-called "modern" buildings usually have transparent facades and spacious Windows. However, the glass more easily cracked, its choice of design is also very limited. Bayer MAKROLON? solid and multilayer sheet made of polycarbonate, with high performance and attractive architectural solution provides many options. Bayer polycarbonate sheets Department is responsible for the project's global project manager, said Dr Volker Benz: "transparent MAKROLON sheet of light similar to the glass, but safer than glass, and the greater design freedom. Glass is an excellent alternative. "Lightweight and durable is the Bayer polycarbonate plate demand growth for two reasons, the material being used in designing facades and other building structures.

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