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Three environmental issues caused by polycarbonate

(1) manufacture of Interfacial polycondensation of issues when using highly toxic phosgene as raw materials, waste water, waste solvent emissions, PC products by Transesterification of residual Bisphenol a monomer in so-called environmental hormone problems.

(2) additives used during combustion of halogen-containing flame retardant PC products, depends on combustion conditions, there is potential to produce hydrogen halide, two well-English. Should therefore make full use of halogen-free flame retardant.

(3) data related to flammability flammability as follows.


Heat of combustion: CA 25kJ/g;

Flash point: 375-467 c;

Flash point ℃ 477-580;

Smoky: the highest optical density of about 170.

(4) waste disposal have been part of waste recycling, and should actively be promoted, but not recycled synth.

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