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Pudong, sits at the helm of polycarbonate in the world business

"Polycarbonate developed market, mainly from Europe and North America, but in recent years, the market's focus more and more to the Asia-Pacific region. At present, the global 60% of the polycarbonate business demand from the Asia-Pacific region, and half of the demand coming from China. "Bayer MaterialScience global head of polycarbonate Shi Lewen said:" such a large market, attracting the global headquarters of the polycarbonate business we will move to Shanghai, moved to Pudong. ”

Julie said, President of Bayer Group greater China, headquarters in Pudong, in addition to factors based on market demand, but also because Pudong has become ideal for regional headquarters and global headquarters station, headquarters of economic radiation playing a bigger role. In addition to preferential policies, good investment environment, Pudong was benefited by Bayer. ”

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