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Polycarbonate sheet China Manufacturer Supplier Factory

Polycarbonate sheet China Manufacturer Supplier Factory 

multiwall hollow sheet PC solid sheet policarbonato sheeet 2wall hollow sheet twin layer polycarbonate sheet double wall polycarbonate sheet chinese material with UV layer polycarbonate sheet for roofings and greenhouse building material for 10years guarantee


1) Light transmitance rate: up to 12%-88%, according to different colors

2) Ultraviolet ray filter rate: 99%,with ultraviolet-resistant co-extruded film on the surface

3) Impact strength: 250--280 times of the ordinary glass; 2 times of toughened glass; 20--30 times of PMMA sheet

4) Fire retardance: Grade B2, according to national GB8625-88 test

5) Sound insulation: can effectively resist the noise spread

6) Temperature resistance: not deform from -40oC to +120oC

7) Light weight: with density of 1.20g/cm³, easy to handle and drill; convenient for construction and process.

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