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Polycarbonate panoramic sunroof vehicle market

Polycarbonate transparent only in five engineering plastics products, production capacity at home and abroad has grown rapidly, particularly in the auto market, currently available on polyester carbonate (PC) production of more and more car owners favor panoramic sunroof.

Germany famous auto parts supplier Wai Buster (Webasto) said auto panoramic sunroof upsurge is rising worldwide. In recent years, automobile sunroof, China market is growing fast. The latest data show, Chinese-made car one out of every three are configured in skylights and panoramic sunroof.

Volumetric glass material compared to PC window NET only for the weight of the 50%. Along with the popular lightweight concept car, Webasto think PC sunroof market has great growth potential. At present, the company has become a popular golf A7 model sunroof designated suppliers.

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