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Polycarbonate business into sweet pastry companies strong March

Polycarbonate optical properties, mechanical properties, good electrical insulation properties, is widely used in construction materials, electrical and electronics, automotive and other industries, is a high-end petrochemical products, faster demand growth in recent years, requires large imports for a long time. Many targeting the polycarbonate business opportunities worldwide, with development of polycarbonate project.

Plastic, latex and rubber suppliers Trinseo SA company in Asia the production and supply of polycarbonate composite. Official said, customers now can be purchased from Trinseo medical-grade composite globally, including in North America, Europe and Asia. This is important to Trinseo the company's medical customers, because the medical industry is increasingly global. Some medical OEM now starting new products in Asia or Europe, followed by North America. Others to relocate their production to China in order to reduce costs, or the development of the region's growth potential.

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