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Multi-layer PC boards achieve sustainable architectural design

According to the European Association of multilayer sheet extrusion of polycarbonate (EPSE, Brussels) provides information on PC Board on the market for more than 40 years of history. EPSE is a PC Board set up by the Association of producers and extrusion technology. PC Board in the main application in the field of architecture including the skeleton wall, roof, skylights, sheds, greenhouses and a balcony. In addition, due to the environmental and comparative cost advantage, continues to broaden the application of this material.

Today, most of the industrial buildings in the use of this versatile material. Because it has a lot of advantages, such as good insulation properties, durability, impact resistance, and in line with the demand for high standards of environmental quality. EPSE said, multi-layer PC Board thermal insulation properties and glass, but is less expensive.

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