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Characteristics and uses of polycarbonate film

The advantages of this film are: (1) has a gloss similar to Mylar, colorless, transparent (transparency compared with the cellulose acetate), intensity can be tied with polyester, nylon. Very good impact resistance. (2) good heat-resistance, cold resistance, high pressure sterilization, freeze resistance, low temperature resistance than polyester. (3) oil resistance, using its air permeability, water absorption, moisture-absorbing small advantages, cooking food bags can be made.

This film uses: most used in electrical, photographic aspects. Because it has block ultraviolet rays through the good and the plastic smell of small features, used as a food packaging material is very good. Although currently can be used to package water items such as pickle, but due to its resistance to heat, wide range of plastic, high strength, can prevent static electricity and aroma retention performance advantages, but also widely used to make curry powder container, and bean jelly, pudding, fish soup with vacuum formed packaging. In addition, eye drops, but also can be used to make water bottles, baby bottles and other containers.

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