1. How long of the polycarbonate sheet service life?


We supply you 10 years quality service life, under normal circumstances, our polycarbonate sheet with more than 20 years service life.


2.Which hot polycarbonate sheet and where to sell well mainly?

Hot products: 

Multiwall polycarbonate hollow sheet: 2/3 wall hollow sheet, R-structure and X structure

Solid polycarbonate sheet: general solid sheet and embossed/diamond/frosted/prismatic sheet. Polycarbonate profiles and corrugated sheets.

Main market:  Domestic Market and Oversea Market(more than 60%), including the South America, Asia, Australia,North America, Africa, Cental south America.


3.what's the anti-drop polycarbonate sheet?


It keeps better light transmittance. It is good for the growth of plants and protects them from damaging by  insects.

Anti-drop polycarbonate sheet is applied for greenhouses and ecological hotels with simple physical principles. Anti-drop coating on the inside surface of the sheet can make the condensed water into droplet which will drop along the surface to the groud. So, it prevents droplet dripping from damaging the plants or flowers.


4. What kinds of climate can use polycarbonate sheet?


Chiancess polycarbonate can be used from 40 centigrad  to 120 centigrade which covers most areas of the word.


5. What kinds of materials do you used?


We use 100% bayer,sabic mainly, and guarantee the best quality for our clients.

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